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We are specialist installers of: 
Vehicle CCTV and Camera Accident Recording Systems 
Truck Parking and Reversing Sensors 
Bus and Public Service Vehicle Safety Systems 
HGV Front and Nearside Proximity Warning Sensors 
Vehicle Left Hand Turning Alarms 
bus cam
HFS-Fleetcam provides a 
specialist installation service 
for Vehicle CCTV and HGV/PSV 
Warning Sensor Equipment 
for London and The South East. 
The need to install additional 
safety equipment such as 
Nearside Proximity Sensors 
and Camera Accident 
Recording Systems on your 
vehicles is growing. To meet Transport For London requirements and to be eligible for contracts with certain London boroughs, as well as 
infrastructure schemes such as Cross Rail, you must comply with the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS). 
HFS-Fleetcam are London based specialist installers of the latest vehicle safety systems, such as HGV CCTV systems, that both improve security and provide vital evidence following an accident; Truck and Bus Nearside Detections Systems, that reduce accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians; HGV Reversing Sensors, that help drivers manoeuvre safely and Nearside Turning Alarms that improve safety by alerting pedestrians 
and other road users in 
your blind spot as you turn. 
We provide advice and 
consultancy on vehicle 
safety policies to help 
keep you compliant and 
your vehicles on the road 
and earning. 
Research has shown that in-vehicle camera systems can dramatically reduce at-risk driving behaviours by up to 70%. This 
leads to safer, more efficient and more ethical driving.  
Insurers such as AXA, Chandler, Towergate, RSA, Covea & Aegas all support our services with fleets who invest in risk management technoogies including Cameras, Telematics/Telemetry and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. 
They will normally consider discounts or other incentives where these systems are fitted. 
To find out more contact HFS-Fleetcam today on 01732 222226 or by email. 

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